Monday, May 25, 2009

3rd Chemo Treatment May 18

Hello Everyone.
This week has not been to bad. Still the side effects of nausea, hot/cold sensitive, tingling in the hands and feet, and of course TIRED. But all in all, this treatment has not been bad. Sense we have written on the blog, I have been to see Shelby get ready for prom, Dawson had his scout Pinewood Derby, and David and I went to a convention for our new venture of Presentall. It is an Internet based communication program like Go-To-Meeting or Webinars. It is a fantastic program and we have worked really hard on it and now are ready to sell it. So I have had a busy week (the week without treatment) On the 18th, I had my 3rd treatment and it has been pretty mild. I do like to hear from family and friends. So keep visiting and I will try and write more often. I am certainly at home more than I normally would be and it is good to hear from you. My next treatment is on June 3. That will be number 4. So until next time, remember the things in life we all take for granted (our health, and our ability to do small things, like mow the lawn, eat ice cream, run down the street, or go for a swim. But life is good and I'll be doing those things again just about Thanksgiving. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Jim - As soon as you're able, I'll make you a nice chocolate milk shake, and we'll laugh about all this... :)
    I've really admired your positive attitude through all this, you really are inspiring ;)

  2. Jim..I'm trying to learn to navigate your blog and ended up creating one of my own which I will never visit..Oh well, wrap up some cyber space for me. You know, I've never known your and Linda's life story and travels and stuff. What about writing your Life Story so we can put it on our My Family website. I am encouraging everyone in the family to get started and get them in this year. We have all waited too long. I realized that all my great grandchildren will know about me is what I tell them. May not be a good time for you, but there never is a good time...too busy with all life hands us..and that is life is good, but I want my grandchildren to know me.. I better get busy..

  3. I'm so glad that this was a better week than last! I'm really proud of you dad, you have had such a positive attitude through all of this and it is something to admire--among all the other things! I love you. (Lisa, your daughter!)