Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2nd Chemo Treatment

Today is May 5th and the second day of Jim's 2nd round of chemo treatment. Yesterday we went into the clinic for the 3 hour treatment. Then the "fanny pack" is loaded with medicine for the 2 days at home. He got some different medicine for nausea - Zofran. It has worked really well. Compared to last treatment this is much better. He has not been sick. But the tiredness is there and the hot/cold sensitivity. He would love a cold glass of milk, but the can't drink it because of the cold. That is one of the side effects of one of the drugs he takes. But not feeling sick is really great....he can tolerate the other symptoms. So he is encouraged by how he feels today. Paula is the nurse that has administered the IV both visits, and remember how I said she was "all business", well she has warmed right up to his friendly personality. See.....she is smiling. She really is nice and friendly to us. Everyone there is so nice and willing to talk about their own situation. One new person we met yesterday.
I'll share his story. He is 41 years old, he and his wife have 3 children ages 17, 7, and 3. He has pancreatic cancer, and they can't remove the cancer. He is taking 2 treatments of chemo to try and shrink the tumor on his liver. This is where the pain will be. He has terminal cancer. He won't live very long. They shared some personal thoughts with us and even now he and his wife have a positive attitude. What great people we see in this clinic. People from all walks of life and facing a threatening disease with lots and lots of courage. But there are more and more success stories as the research progresses. And the treatments are so much better than years ago. So much better. Well, we'll write about where and what we do the next few days, who knows we may go dancing.
love to all, Linda


  1. I think you should go dancing mom, it would be so much fun! Just even in the living room! Like when you were both young! I'm so proud of my dad, I have always know he is a strong and positive man, but when we are tested that is where the real strength comes. I'm proud of my mom too, being there and watching someone who is sick is difficult, but she is a trooper, there every step of the way. I love you both very much and I'm so proud to have you as parents. I hope dad feels well enough tomorrow to go see Hope of American with us, it would be fun. Love to all, Lisa

  2. Lolene Gifford couldn't get her comment to post so she sent it to me on Facebook. Here it is:

    Hi, guys! I’m so glad Lisa posted a link to your site on facebook! Reading about your “journey” has been very touching. Please know that we are praying for you and thinking of you. We still love you guys, and hope to stop by and see you sometime when we’re up that way. (We would call first, of course!) Darwin’s brother Dean has had a battle with cancer…chemo, bone-marrow transplants, etc…and the GOOD news is…he’s now cancer-free and feels great. That’s what we’re praying for, for YOU, Jim. God bless you in your journey!!! Love, Lolene

    P.S. My blog is lolsarini@blogspot.com...and there are links to my kids' blogs there in case you want to cruise around!