Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leaving The Cancer Clinic

The 3 hour chemo treatments are over for the first go-around. He is off for 11 days and then gets to go do it all over again. All the doctors and nurses are very nice and I think he'll be one of their favorite. He still has his sense of humor!


  1. When i first heard about Jim ,i was thinking it's a joke,i was saying to myself that this can not be true.....i steel can't belive it.He is the moust happy men i ever meet in my life ,and i'm shure everything will be ok.
    Jim i wish u to have the power to past over this ,lots of health ,and don't stop hoping .Never!!!I will pray for u daily!!Love you,Dana Romania .

  2. I'm so proud of dad's attitude! He is amazing, even on the bad days. I'm sad that the picture of Dad taking the sandwhich from the little old lady isn't on here!! Where is that photo!!!?

  3. This is actually david but i just wanted to say that I also am amazed by the attitude. It is very nice to have such a strong example in my life. It puts a lot into perspective.