Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is one of Jimmy's nurses that administer the drugs for the chemotherapy. She is from Argentina, I'll have to ask her name again, I forgot. We go in for round 2 on Monday May 4th. She was very much "all business" when Jimmy first went in, and then as the 3 hours progressed she had warmed up to him just like everyone does. He never meets a stranger. I'll post his visit with her after the treatment on Monday.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This nice little old lady was with her husband who was getting his chemo treatment the same time as Jimmy. She had gone to the cafe and got her husband a sandwich and chips to eat. Jimmy had just finished a ham and cheese sandwich I had got for him in the same cafe.......
He was still hungry. He ask me to go get him another sandwich from the cafe. This sweet little lady offered him her sandwich. (Now would you take the sandwich she had offered) NO. But Jimmy says ok, I'll have it. She brings it over and gives him chips to go with it, and offered him the cookie too, I think. We laughed that he had taken the sweet little old lady's food. He thought nothing of it - and you know why? Because he would have given them his sandwich. It was a moment to laugh and know that in the midst of trials, we can always find something to laugh about. And her success story is that she had thyroid cancer 20 years ago. She is a cancer survivor. Her husband is 75 years old and takes chemo treatments every 3 months for the rest of his life. He had some blood disorder of some kind. Taking the chemo to PREVENT cancer. He was going to go start his garden that week. As we visit with the people in the clinic that are there for the same reason as we are, we find people that appreciate the simple things of life, little acts of kindness, and hope for a better day. Our trials sometime come to us and bring blessings at the same time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leaving The Cancer Clinic

The 3 hour chemo treatments are over for the first go-around. He is off for 11 days and then gets to go do it all over again. All the doctors and nurses are very nice and I think he'll be one of their favorite. He still has his sense of humor!
Lisa and Fabian stopped by to see him. So far everything is going just fine.

Jim's 1st Chemo Treatment

The 3 hour treatment went really well. Mark and David came by the clinic to check on their dad.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Round of Chemo

Today, April 22, the first round of chemo ends. He has 3 days of Chemo and then off for 11 days. The first day he goes into the clinic for 3-4 hours of treatment. Day 2 and 3 are at home with a "fanny pack" full of chemo drugs that intravenously are given over the 2 day period. And then he is off the chemo for 11 days. We will look forward to those 11 days each month! We will be posting the photos taken at the Cancer Clinic in a day or two.....even with the stress of these treatments, you will see Jimmy's good attitude and humor shine through. What a guy! We love you Honey!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Support

We have talked to just about all the family members now (it's April 11th).
Peggy and Joe (Jimmy's bro/sister-in-law) in Midland,TX called him, sent him an article on Colon Cancer. Very informative. And cheered him up with both their humor!
Janie called (his sister)in Paris,TX she wishes the best.
Roy and Linda (Jimmy's bro/sister-in-law)in Greenville,TX email us often. They found out about the cancer on Facebook, of all places! Before we called them. Sorry guys! Bad news travels fast tho.
Helen (his sister)in Houston area) Helen lost her husband just a few months ago. She said to keep her up to date.
A.B. (his brother) in San Antonio,TX has not been called yet, we have put this off because his son, Steve, was very ill. Now tonight we found out he passed away. Steve was about 50 years old. Very young to leave us. We send our love to A B and his family.
Edith (his sister) is handcapped and we have not told her about his cancer yet. Jimmy has taken care of Edith since 1986.Edith lives in Orem, Ut now and is doing very well. We can visit her a lot more often here. She likes her new home.
We have had many friends call and email us.
Jimmy has friends all over the world. Literally! Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Phillipines, and here in the gool ole USA. I'm sure he will be sharing some of the contacts with them on the site.
This is a very good thing because on the days he does not feel as well; he can talk to them as well. Friends and family will be very helpful during this difficult time.Visit this site often and share your thoughts with us.
He is amazing! He has such a good attitude, can talk about his condition very easily, and make us all laugh. You have our support, our love, and we pray for you daily.
And I love you very much. Together we will be stronger because of this.
I'll write about the kids/grandkids another day.

Getting Going

I've convinced Jim to get a blog going while he starts his chemo. Here are the first couple pictures. From here on out - he'll get to update this himself, as I'm sure he'll have some time to kill.
This is his post-surgery picture from removing 12 inches of his colon. Healing up nicely??
He's still smiling -- this is his portocath that he got put in yesterday. He'll use this during his chemo treatments. This sucker goes straight into his aorta (i think??)
All Jim's updates will be on this site over the next several months. Please post comments to encourage him!!! :) We love him & hope all goes smoothly!
~Laura Anderson (favorite daughter-in-law) :D